Recent Selected Amex Offer (Updated on 9/1/2017)

Recent selected Amex Offer:

  • Spend $250 at Hilton Hotels & Resorts with a registered Amex card and get a $50 statement credit (tweeting #AmexHilton), expire on 10/30. 
  • Macy’s  $15 off $100, expire on 9/25.
  • Delta Air Line $160 off $800, expire on 10/7.
  • Hilton Spend $300 get 3500 MR, expire on 9/30.
  • Cellphone bill  Spend $100 get 1000 MR or $10, up to 3x, expire on 11/15.
  • Cable/Satellite TV bill  Spend$100 get 1000 MR or $10, up to 3x, expire on 11/15.
  • Home Depot  $60 off $400, expire on 9/29.
  • BestBuy $30 off $300#AmexBestBuyexpire on 9/10. 
  • Marriott $30 off $150#AmexMarriottexpire on 10/31, US only, Marriott brand only.
  • Levi’s $25 off $125#AmexLevisexpire on 9/10. 
  • eBags $15 off $75#AmexeBagsexpire on 9/30. 
  • Petco $15 off $50#AmexPetcoexpire on 9/30. 
  • FiveGuys $5 off $20#AmexFiveGuysexpire on 9/4. 
  • Nike eGiftCards $10 off $50expire on 9/4.
  • Overstock  Spend $150 get 3000 MRexpire on 9/4.
  •  Spend $50 get 2000 MRexpire on 12/31.
  • Hulu $50 off $50,expire on 2/24/2018. url:

Amex Offers is a great way to make a bit of additional money without too much work, that provides bonus Membership Rewards (MR) points or cashback in the form of statement credits for shopping at particular merchants.

The offical way to  keep track of AmEx offers is through the website. Here are the methods to enroll the offer.

  • Account page: Available offers are displayed below the current statement charges for each Amex account. All you have to do is click on the offer and it will be loaded onto that card.
  • Twitter: Only one card can be registered with one Twitter account. All you have to do to enroll is retweet the deal. Ex. #AmexSaks. Amex will respond with a confirmation tweet that they have loaded the offer to your card.
  • Facebook: Search for Amex Offers, and it will bring up the App. You just need to enter your card information, and then any offers you select through Face book will be linked to that card.

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